Members of GALAH enjoy access to all survey data products prior to public release. Membership of the survey is open to all astronomers at any Australian institute, including students and postdoctoral fellows, in exchange for active participation in survey work and scientific exploitation. All new members must be approved by the Executive Team (ExT).

The ExT may also approve participation in specific GALAH projects of persons outside the GALAH team, on request from a team member. External collaborators may be granted access to the database for the duration of the specific project, and can become first-tier authors on a GALAH paper resulting from such a joint project. Finally, the ExT reserves the right to invite individual experts with particular skills from outside Australia to join membership.

Do you want to join GALAH? If so, contact the Executive Team at Please include your affiliation and current position, in addition to a short description of your interest in and possible contributions to the survey.