The formation and evolution of galaxies is one of the great outstanding problems of modern astrophysics. The goal of galactic archaeology is to uncover the history of the Milky Way and how it formed and evolved. The GALactic Archaeology with HERMES (GALAH) survey is a Large Observing Program using the HERMES instrument with the Anglo-Australian Telescope. HERMES provides simultaneous spectra for 400 stars at a time. We are using this to obtain the highest spectral resolution multi-dimensional datasets for over a million stars of all ages and locations in the Milky Way to trace the full history of the Galaxy.

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The GALAH survey published our third data release on 6 November 2020. For almost 600,000 stars, we provide reduced spectra, stellar parameters and up to 30 elemental abundances.

If you want our best effort stellar parameters and elemental abundances, we recommend the GALAH_DR3_main_allstar_v2.fits catalogue.

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